Sustainable (and Ethical) Brands I Support



Tradlands creates high quality, versatile, and ethically made clothing that are perfect for both work and play. First time customers can use my code Flauntyourfancy15 for 15% off your first order!



Dl1961 takes a holistic approach to sustainable fashion. The popular denim brand uses ethically sourced cotton and natural, plant-based dyes to produce denim garments. They use less water in manufacturing and facilities are powered by solar energy! Brand of the future indeed.



Naadam uses alternative energy to power facilities. Go solar! They also work with cashmere goat herder directly to develop sustainable grazing practices. Animals are treated humanely and herders are paid higher wages than those in other comparable markets.



Reformation is perfect for those special date night, or girls night outfits. They send out quarterly sustainability reports which details how they reduce waste, minimize water, and save energy throughout their manufacturing processes.


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