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Sweet and Fun: The Pint Shop Pop Up NYC


The Museum of Ice Cream - Located on 14th and 11th Ave in Meatpacking District, NYC


I loved this pop-up! I'm always on the lookout for fun and unique experiences in NYC and popup events like the Museum of Ice Cream's: The Pint Shop are always on my radar. I'll be honest - after a long day commuting and sitting in my office cubicle, it's difficult to find the energy and motivation to go out and socialize after work. I'm not great at the after-work happy hour drinks scene ( I love wine too much and always end up over-doing it ) and avoid staying out late on school...er...work nights. My boyfriend and I arrived at The Pint Shop at 7:45 and were out before 8:30 (when they close). Half that time was spent pigging out on the samples...



Entrance is free - so we did have to wait in a short 10 minute line, but on a clear summer night (with relatively low humidity) it was not unpleasant. You are able to reserve spots in 'The Tasting Room' for a more intimate experience. But for those who just want to 'pop' in, you'll still walk away with a full experience. We were even able to get some great pics in front of the brightly colored pop-art like signs while waiting in line! A pint of ice cream is 4.99 folks. Great deal.

We walked in and hit up our first stop- the ice cream cart. So many choices! My favorite was piñata. Someone said 'it has cotton candy in it' and I was sold. Also was a big fan of the churro churro, with actual churro bits inside. And the vanilla flavor, was anything but! Should have been called EXTRA vanilla. 


We then made our way to three very large Pints of Ice Cream each with a fun, interactive, backdrop to take photos! 


Bananas, A swing over rainbow sprinkles, and a cherry pit. 




***Photos in the banana pint could be viewed as "inappropriate' they were excluded from this post.***


Did I mentioned their merch section was insane. So many cute and instagram-able lunch boxes and water bottles. And of course - I found this crown made of sprinkles. Here's me considering if I could pass as business formal wearing this in the office. Jury is still out... 


Maybe when I decide to quit my day job.


But don't take my word for it, see for yourself. And then ACTUALLY go see for yourself. Let your creative side out! Strike a pose. Just be wary of the bananas...


Thanks for reading my first post! 


xx Sab






DAYS OPEN : Wednesday - Monday (closed on Tuesdays)  

TIME: 12 PM - 9 PM

**Doors close at 8:30 PM



459 W. 14th Street New York, NY 10014

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