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Sustainable and Ethical Fashion Brand Spotlight: Tradlands

Sustainable and Ethical Fashion Brand Spotlight: Tradlands

Last weekend, my boyfriend and I visited Roosevelt Island for the annual Cherry Blossom Festival. It was a perfect day! The weather was in the high 70s, there was a slight breeze - and about 1000 people trying to get onto Roosevelt Island at the same time. Whoops!

Anyway, besides the congestion, the event was pretty cool. The cherry blossoms are one of those things that you can't snooze on. They only bloom for a short while before shedding their petals. So we took the plunge! I threw on this 'Solana Shirtdress in Jessica Grey' from Tradlands for the first time, paired it with an old light wash denim jacket from urban outfitters, some strappy summer heels and my raybans. And Voila!

I purchased this dress for $35.99 when Tradlands was having a sample sale - pretty much a green light for me when shopping for sustainable, ethical fashion. Just like those cherry blossoms, you FOR SURE can't snooze on the sales!

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So what did I think?

My first thought when feeling the dress was that the material was SO substantial. As in, thick and structured. It definitely isn't flimsy or see through and was well sewn. I should also note that the material was still light and good for warmer weather. The dress was breathable, which is good for me because NYC subways in the summer time are not a cool and breezy place.

I've been really into more 'boyish' fits these days and have been gravitating towards looser fitting silhouettes. This dress is definitely more on the boxy side, but the cut of the neckline and the short slits at the side definitely make it more feminine.

For reference - I am an extra small and 5' 4". I purchased an extra small and the fit was true to size.

I added a light wash denim jacket I got from Urban Outfitters when I was in college and a pair of high heeled strappy sandals to complete the look. Super simple, but cute! Not only did the jacket give the dress more of a shape, since the dress was longer, the crop cut helped to elongate my torso.

Tradlands pieces are so easy to wear and versatile. I don't like to think too hard about my outfits during the week. The structured fit and collar make this dress perfect for the office. Throw on a blazer or a nice cardigan and pointed heels and you're good to go!

For the office, my goal is always to look professional and polished. Not overly out there so as to be distracting and not too many pieces so as I'm uncomfortable at my desk. Nothing worse that an outfit that bulges and tugs when you have to be sitting for 8 hours a day. Readjusting is not something I want to be doing. Neither is feeling self conscious about coming untucked. Tradlands pieces don't wrinkle easily which I love, and the shirts are easy to tuck into work pants or jeans smoothly.

The garments are easy to care for and require less maintenance.

Machine wash cold and hang dry! One thing that makes me nervous and hesitant about alternative fabrics is the maintenance required. Seriously - I bought a turtleneck from a pretty reputable sustainable brand and it shrunk in the wash! Which I'll admit is partly my fault - but as you build a sustainable wardrobe, the last thing you want is to have to do 5 different loads of laundry because all your clothes require special care and attention.

So, why is Tradlands categorized as an Ethical and Sustainable brand?

1. They work with clothing manufacturers that employ US standards and regulations in the workplace. This means, fair wages, paid overtime, clean and bright environments. Most importantly, they perform audits on these companies to ensure employee satisfaction and environmental conditions.

2. They create clothes using natural materials like cotton, silk and tencel (so no synthetics or weird blends) and clothes are produced in small batches to eliminate waste. You'll notice small batch production come up a lot for businesses looking to be more sustainable. I personally think its a good idea and helps people be more purposeful with their purchases. You can always bring a super popular item back in another production cycle.

So there you have it! I will definitely be ordering from Tradlands again - specifically for work shirts, which I never seem to prioritize buying. Oh well, better late than never!

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