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My Favorite Sustainable Fashion Brand for Cozy Loungewear

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Eco-fashion influencer wearing organic cotton leggings

sustainable fashion blogger wearing fair trade fashion in New York City

Whats my favorite sustainable and ethical clothing brand for cozy loungewear. Hands down, Alternative Apparel.

Alternative Apparel was one of the first companies I ordered from when I began my sustainable fashion journey. They are affordable, and sell high-quality, durable basics. I purchased my latest loungewear set during Alternative's Black Friday sale. (I know, I know - most sustainable fashion bloggers are against Black Friday because of the emphasis on consumerism and buying what you don't need. However, Black Friday is a also a great time to support sustainable and ethical fashion brands that wouldn't normally fit into your budget.)

As someone who literally lives in her pajamas, I can definitely vouch for this brand's cozy rating. Made from organic and recycled materials, Alternative's 'Eco-fleece' line is my new go-to for everyday clothes you can live in. Seriously the fleece is so soft and warm. When I need to run errands, I usually just throw on my hoodie and my winter coat and I'm good to go! This hoodie would definitely be perfect to wear when traveling - especially on long flights, when you just want to curl up and go to sleep!

For an unusually warm day in the middle of winter in NYC, I decided to go for an athleisure look, pairing my eco-teddy 1/4 zip hoodie with Pact's pocket leggings and my sustainably made sneakers from Veja. It's cinched with elastic at the bottom, which makes it almost like a cropped hoodie or like it's tucked in - all the while keeping you toasty and shielded from the outside air.

Did I mentioned this hoodie also comes with matching bottoms?! This is definitely loungewear I recommend to my friends and family. Comfortable, easy to care for as it's machine washable, and long-lasting. So go check your closet! Take inventory! In need of a good pair of 'netflix and chill' PJ's? Consider going alternative!


How does Alternative Apparel fit into the Ideal Model for Sustainable Fashion?

1. They are transparent and open about their limitations for pursuing Fair Trade certification. They admit that since they do not own their manufacturing and outsource to other factories, they are unable to claim Fair Trade certification on their products. One challenge they are working as a company to overcome. They DO however have WRAP certified products, which follows similar criteria to Fair Trade Association.

2. Direct Trade - No

3. Organic and Naturally Sourced Materials - Yes. They use organic and recycled materials in their products. They also use a mixture of synthetic materials for added durability and lifespan of the product.

4. Provide a Consumer with Options - Yes! Alternative Apparel has a wide variety of products for both men and women. They carry sweaters, skirts, loungewear, dresses, outerwear and accessories.

5. High quality, Long Wear Products - Yes! I've had my eco-fleece jogger and organic cotton tank for over a year and a half and they are still going strong. They have been through numerous washes and have still held their integrity, shape and feel.

Want to learn even more about the brand? Check out my post 'Fair Trade Brand Spotlight: Alternative Apparel.' Learn about the brand's limitations with Fair Trade certification, what it means to be WRAP certified, and my assessment of the brand as a whole.

Want to learn more about my criteria for evaluating sustainable brands? Read here! 5 Reasons Veja Embodies the Ideal Model for Sustainable Fashion.

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