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4 Reasons Why Rothy's are Worth the Money for a Girl on a Budget

Rothy's - you've probably seen them everywhere on social media. I know I have!

But are they really worth the hype?

Yes. Yes they are. (In my opinion at least.)

Just a little anecdote to help illustrate how I justified purchasing Rothy's with my current budget. Before I started my sustainable fashion journey, I LOVED middle of the road designer shoes. You know - not luxury designers Jimmy Choos or Louboutins - more like higher end designers like Tory Burch.

I loved Tory Burch flats. Everyone had them in high school and they are just so classy. Every pair I've ever owned has been uncomfortable as all get out though. I definitely still have the blisters to prove it and I have had to replace the rubber soles on a few pairs a couple times.

A basic pair of Tory Burch Flats could top out at $225.00 USD. Which is a lot to spend on one pair of shoes, that aren't very comfortable. Especially if you live in NYC and have to walk everywhere through various natural (and unnatural) elements.

My point is to put the cost of Rothy's in perspective before I even mention how much they cost. And they cost less than a pair of TB's at $145.00 a pair.

Worth every penny. Why? Let's go through the pro's.

1.They are sustainably made and ethically produced.

First and foremost, Rothy's is a sustainable brand! Rothy's uses recycled and renewable materials to produce and package their shoes. Those materials include - recycled plastic water bottles, foam insoles made from other recycled shoes, and non-toxic adhesives. The shoebox/shipping container is biodegradable and designed for no tape returns! Just reseal it and send it back if you don't like the shoes.

2. They are comfortable!

I have compared them to wearing thick socks. They mold and form to your feet so that you feel like you're not even wearing shoes. Yet - still sturdy and substantial enough that you don't feel like you're walking with paper on your feet. Living in NYC, walking is my main mode of travel. I walk an two avenues to get my favorite cup of coffee and then back to the subway to get on the train for work. I walk through construction zones, on uneven ground, and through some questionable NYC street gunk (seriously saw some bright green, toxic waste like 'liquid,' in the street yesterday. Really scary stuff...

Anyway - they don't squeeze around my toes and I actually prefer them to any of my other shoes. I even wore them out to a club in Brooklyn. They are lightweight and just easy to wear!

3. They are machine-washable.

Probably the best thing about these shoes is that they can be thrown in the wash. I've owned them for three weeks now and have worn them pretty much 24/7 and don't need to wash them yet. But it's a pretty simple process. Take the insoles out and wash both the shoes and the insoles in cold water on delicate with mild detergent and let air-dry.

FYI - DO NOT WASH WITH WARM WATER or PUT IN DRYER. This may cause your shoes to shrink.

4. They are versatile.

I can wear my Rothy's with any outfit for a long list of occasions. As I mentioned before, I wear them to work everyday. The pointy toe makes the shoe perfect for professional environments. So they are great for the office.

I also wore my Rothy's to a friend's birthday party at a bar/club in Brooklyn. I paired them with a black turtleneck mini dress from Reformation and a long length cardigan (I hate being cold) and I was good to go! They are great for dancing!

I think pieces that can do both casual and sophisticated are the most sustainable because you get more wear out of it. I love the other colors on the site but chose to go with black because I just felt like it would be less stressful trying to find things that went with it. Black is classic and sophisticated and obviously goes with everything. I may order another pair in a brighter color somewhere down the line. Maybe for spring?

I've linked my Rothy's HERE if you want to check them out :) I have the Black Solid Point.

Overall, I think Rothy's are on par with high end shoe designers in terms of style and even better when it comes to comfort. I know you've all seen those photos of Meghan Markle wearing them. If Duchess approved AND sustainable isn't enough for you then... I don't know girl. Maybe reconsider your priorities ;).

Hope this was helpful! As always, follow me on instagram @flauntyourfancy for more sustainable outfits and product highlights. Have questions? DM me on instagram or shoot me an e-mail at

Ciao!! XX Sab


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