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3 Reasons Why I Still Prefer Rent the Runway to Other Fashion Rental Services

If you follow other sustainable fashion bloggers or the slow fashion movement, then you’re probably aware of the #30wears campaign. If not, allow me to briefly explain.

The slow fashion movement opposes fast fashion and its drivers: Low cost, trendy pieces that are meant to be worn a couple times before falling apart.

I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. It’s the forever 21 dress that’s flimsy and wrinkles beyond recognition after one wash. But with prices so low, it’s hard to resist. We want to look good. Looking good makes us feel good.

Confident. Stylish. Put together.

Well guess what, you can still do that by stepping away from fast fashion. The 30 wears campaign challenges us to be more conscious consumers and be intentional about what we buy. And it’s not easy. I can only recall a couple of items in my closet right now that I’ve worn 30 times. Even items I’ve had for years.

For those times when you know for sure you’ll probably never wear an item again (or you just don’t want to because being an outfit repeater is a huge faux pas I guess) consider renting.

I’ve been using rent the runway since I was a junior in high school. And yes, I know, there are some great OTHER rental options out there now that rival RTR. However, if it 'aint broke right? ;)

So here we go!

3 Reasons Why I still Prefer Rent the Runway to Other Fashion Rental Services

I usually stick with what I know. I have tried to find items in the other sites. However, nothing beats Rent the Runway’s:

1. They have a huge selection of designer gowns at a WIDE range of price points and styles

Seriously, you can rent some high end dresses for 30 bucks. If that isn't being thrifty, I don't know what is!

2. Their customer service is awesome

Side note: I actually worked in the RTR customer service department for a couple months. It wasn't what I was meant to do and I left pretty abruptly (Sorry guys!) but nevertheless I witnessed how hard the department works and the lengths they will go to make a customer happy. If given the chance of course. If you have an issue, be sure to let them know as soon as possible and they will do everything in their power to fix it. Including pulling a dress off the rack at the wearhouse and Ubering it to you if they have to. You'll never be without something to wear.

3. You can try the dresses on in store

Yep! This one speaks for itself. They have a bunch of store locations, so check out if there are any in your area. New Yorkers, please tell me you've been to the flagship store.

I actually used to be a serial renter. In the way that I rented for literally every event I had to go to. So much so that I felt like I was spending all this money and realized I didn’t really own anything anymore. (Which may work for some people. The Ulimited service at RTR is pretty awesome.) So I cut back. I cut back to the point where now I only use It for super special events. And focus building my closet with items I will wear everyday.

Let’s recap some more Pro’s if you're still not convinced.

1. There are hundreds of options.

2. You can sort reviews by your size and body type to see how the outfit looked on girls that resemble your shape.

3. You can get a backup size.

4. You can get a credit if you don’t like the item.

5. You can try on in store at one of the flagship locations.

Done. So do the sustainable thing. Rent that outfit you're only going to wear once because let's face it - I'm an outfit repeaters on the day to day, but special events are my time to shine. Express myself and where I am in life. Why do you think I chose a red dress? By the way - everyone at the gala chose to wear red. And I can’t say I’m mad about it ;) if you know what I mean.



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