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About Flaunt Your Fancy


Flaunt Your Fancy was created in 2014 as a way to encourage self expression through style whether that style is minimalist or bold. We don’t follow the crowd. We wear what we want, when we want, despite the current trends.


Since 2014, FYF has evolved to make a broader positive impact on the global fashion scene. Fashion is more than an individual experience. Your own style expresses your creativity and personality but it also expresses your values and what is important to you.


Now, FYF is about both being true to yourself and also being mindful of the impact your purchases have on the environment and even other people. Sustainable fashion is front and center in the FYF community. So many aspects go into the sustainability of clothing from the labor standards of those creating the products all the way to the resources used to develop the clothing itself.


The goal is to promote sustainable produced and ethically made clothing, beauty and lifestyle products, supporting companies that work to reduce their environmental footprint and improve quality of life for their workers.


About Sabrina


I grew up on Long Island, went to Columbia University in the City of New York and majored in Sustainability.  I live in the center of Manhattan and work as an Environmental Consultant where I specialize in energy efficient buildings!


When I started Flaunt Your fancy, I did not have sustainable fashion as a focus. I am a loyal follower to many fashion bloggers and wanted to simply try my hand at blogging as a hobby. I was unhappy with my 9-5 cubicle job and knew I needed to have something else to work on and be proud of. I knew that eventually, I wanted to have an entire sustainable wardrobe, but didn’t have the confidence to tackle the feat right now. I was subject to a lot ( probably all) of the common misconceptions people have about making the shift to sustainable fashion.


First, I thought it was going to be too expensive - longer lasting clothes means higher quality material which usually results in a higher price. However, after I established that fast-fashion was not the answer and committed to no longer buying from fast-fashion retailers, I realized things would be much easier. I would technically be spending the same on clothing - just buying less frequently because I would be making more thoughtful purchases (and hopefully encouraging others to do the same).


Secondly, I didn’t realize just how many sustainable options they actually were! After doing some research and looking into some other women in the sustainable fashion industry, I knew it would be possible. And the ideas started coming to me.


The more I learned about sustainable fashion, the more I realized how much value I could bring to audiences and the fashion world.. It’s not just about looking good. Now, it’s also about expressing your own values through what you wear. That’s a trend I can definitely get behind.


Sustainable fashion is still a very niche area within the industry so it makes sense that most bloggers aren’t quite there yet. Though social media is saturated with fashion bloggers, the vast majority do not promote sustainable or ethical clothing.


We all want high quality products with a cheap price tag. We want to look good, feel good, and save money. When we find that gem, we’re proud - we’ve won. But someone else may have been disadvantaged by it.


It can be difficult to distinguish truth from ‘greenwashing.’ But, that’s where Flaunt Your Fancy comes in.


I hope to take away some of the confusion and doubt by researching companies and brands that claim they are creating sustainable products! (I’ll also research one’s that don’t market their sustainability. Often I’m surprised by how many companies DON’T brag about the great choices they make.) My goal is to teach people how to judge for themselves, which companies are committed to the mission and which ones have a little more work to do.

It’s not about making an extreme change to your lifestyle. I’m determined to help the cause and show everyday people how to incorporate sustainable clothing into their wardrobe in a practical way!


Welcome to the Flaunt Your Fancy Community!

If you haven’t already, hit the subscribe button to receive notifications when a new blog post goes live! Then head over to Instagram @flauntyourfancy and follow me there! :) Instagram is currently where I feel the sustainability community is most active. For now at least! I share articles on how to live a more sustainable life on Insta Stories as well as what my fellow eco-warriors are doing to make a difference!

xx - Sab

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