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I first learned about the socially and environmentally responsible brand Veja through social media. I had seen other sustainable fashion bloggers create content wearing the shoes and was intrigued. I got the sense that they were doing something good, but I didn't know...


When one thinks about sustainable fashion, a few brands come to mind. Stella McCartney, Eileen Fisher, Mara Hoffman etc. In other words, big name luxury designers. It's no wonder that sustainable fashion has gained the rep for being exclusive and inaccessible to the av...


Sustainable and Ethical Fashion Brand Spotlight: Tradlands

Last weekend, my boyfriend and I visited Roosevelt Island for the annual Cherry Blossom Festival. It was a perfect day! The weather was in the high 70s, there was a slight breeze - and about 1000 people trying t...


If you follow other sustainable fashion bloggers or the slow fashion movement, then you’re probably aware of the #30wears campaign. 

If not, allow me to briefly explain.

The slow fashion movement opposes fast fashion and its drivers: Low cost, trendy pieces that are mean...


Rothy's - you've probably seen them everywhere on social media. I know I have! 

But are they really worth the hype?

Yes. Yes they are. (In my opinion at least.)

Just a little anecdote to help illustrate how I justified purchasing Rothy's with my current budget. Before I s...


5 (Easy) Things You Can Do To Avoid Throwing Out Your Old Clothes

Fast Fashion is a major convenience. It's affordable and there's always something new to get into and dance around in.

I still own a lot of clothing I bought from fast fashion retailers. Am I going to get...


"Alternative Apparel is a brand that specializes in sustainable and eco-friendly practices. Alternative’s Design Studio is located in Atlanta with an additional showroom in New York City. Corporate headquarters are also in Atlanta, Georgia. Our retail stores are locate...


I always take large brands with a grain of salt when they say they are sustainable. As a consumer, I want to see the evidence to support the claim and not just blindly believe what a large corporation is telling me. But that's just me. 

So I decided to investigate a few...


My mission with this blog is to promote sustainable fashion and products that aim to reduce the environmental and social impacts associated with its lifecycle.

Things like:

  1. Energy Use

  2. Water Consumption

  3. Protection of Lands and Natural Resources

  4. Fair Tra...


 1 Boat, 7 days, 4 Islands. 

My summer trip to Italy/Croatia was definitely an experience to remember. 

I was invited by my former college roommate Missy (@Caio_Missy) to join her, her italian boyfriend Alessandro, and 4 of his friends on a boat trip from Italy...

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Hello! Thank you for visiting my page and for your interest in sustainable fashion, ethically made products. My goal is to help make being a conscious consumer less challenging.​

It’s not about making an extreme change to your lifestyle. Simply being aware of what you buy and how your purchases can affect the global community!

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